Online Ordering System Powered By eDeliveryApp

eDeliveryApp is an online restaurant management and ordering software for businesses involved in deliveries in a local area.It serves restaurants, liquor stores, grocery shops, dry cleaners among other delivery businesses. It is mostly used by single and multi-restaurants.The main reason eDeliveryApp was created is to take advantage of the massive uptake of mobile devices. Most delivery solutions are only accessible via the web and eDeliveryApp was built to fill this void.

Its mobile-first approach has allowed food vendors to tap into the mass market and access hundreds upon thousands of customers. It has mobile apps on both the iOS and Android platforms.

eDeliveryApp stores data on consumers when an order is placed, allows users to track their orders in real-time. Its open-source capabilities allow eateries to configure the app to suit their requirements and modify it when necessary.It is cost-effective because payment only involves a one-off license payment. It is quite easy to set up and the vendor’s support team is very well trained and have a lot of technical knowledge. Users can create their own menus, integrate with social media sites and use their specific branding. It easily incorporates PayPal on its system and accepts multiple payment techniques. eDeliveryApp is also geo-enabled allowing consumers to easily find businesses.A business is likely to widen its reach and get more customers with eDeliveryApp. This is because of its Mobile-first approach. Most activities and transactions are now being conducted through mobile devices. By engaging with consumers through these app, businesses will be guaranteeing their profitability and success in the long run.

Multiple delivery service

The app is not restricted to only restaurants and other eateries but can also be deployed by grocery shops, liquor shops, dry cleaners and other delivery based enterprises. The app is flexible to any delivery service-oriented business. The app is also able to handle one restaurant or multiple branches of a single franchise.

High ratings

The platform has very high ratings among customers and has been reviewed positively getting a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google Play. This provides evidence of how efficient the app is and that it delivers on all of its KPIs. This feedback only highlights what an asset eDeliveryApp would be to your business especially among your customers.

Payment methods

The platform accepts multiple payment methods from cash, cards and other digital avenues. This helps to cater for different consumers as each consumer has their preferred method. This also entices customers because they are not limited on how they can pay

Easy set-up

The system is easily set-up and goes live in no time. Businesses therefore do not waste time and are able to start bearing the fruits of applying eDeliveryApp immediately. Users are also trained during this period and are experts when the system goes live.

Reduce costs

Evidence and feedback from business owners has shown that eDeliveryApp reduces cost by almost 65%. This is in comparison to the traditional, manual methods that are very cash-intensive. Businesses are thus able to realize more profits and improve services to consumers.

Mobile apps

Eateries not only get an online ordering platform but a more interactive platform on which to engage with customers. This is because the software provides mobile apps on both the iOS and Android systems. Consumers are able to order from their mobile devices and are not restricted to only ordering through a website.

Open source

The software is an open source platform thereby empowering users to tailor-make the system to fit their needs. Configurations can be made and re-adjusted as users requirements change.

Tracking deliveries

Consumers are able to know the status of their deliveries in real-time. This also helps businesses to keep track of their delivery people ensuring they do not misuse customer time by performing their own errands.


Users are able to keep data and transactions safe because they have their own source code which is unique. This secures them from threats from within and without of the system.


Consumers are able to locate all the businesses within a specified radius. This helps business to save on advertising costs and ensures that the customer is able to locate them easily. Traditional ways of customers visiting shops, hotels and restaurants to partake in a meal is slowly dying out. Businesses have to ensure that they keep up with the new ways of interacting with consumers. Through well branded and customized pages on the app and also activating their geo-locators consumers will easily locate you and do business with you.

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